The Best Places to Apply Fragrances

Including places you may not have considered

Most of us will give a lot of thought over which cologne or perfume we will select to become our signature fragrance. We’ll scour over the latest online fragrance reviews, or we’ll allow ourselves to be spritzed at the counter of our favorite store or we’ll follow the recommendation of a friend in making this important decision. Yet, as careful as some of us are in making the choice of what fragrance to wear, many of us won’t even think twice when it comes to where to apply our favorite cologne or perfume. We all know that the common places to apply fragrances are the wrists, ears, neck, etc. However, by limiting the application of your fragrance to these areas you may be missing out on some other enticing possibilities. Here are a few other places to apply fragrances that many experts recommend.

  • In Your Hair: Perfume applied here (lightly so as not to dry out the hair) latches onto hair fibers which in turn makes the scent last longer.
  • Inside Your Elbows: This pulse point is a nice change of pace from spritzing the wrist yet it is just as effective.
  • Behind Your Knees: Veins are particularly close to the skin in this area of the body thus it is a pulse point that generates heat. This heat helps to project the scent outwards.
  • In Your Belly Button: The navel radiates heat and this is essential for pushing the scent of colognes and fragrances outwards.
  • Down Your Calves: Try spritzing your favorite fragrance on the sides of your calf. The friction cause by your walking about will help to radiate the scent. This spot is also particularly effective if you wear shorts or a skirt.
  • On Your Feet: This off sounding place is not so odd when you think of it. Your feet are in motion during most of the day, so what better way is there to leave your scent gently wafting behind you as you travel?

In a nutshell, giving a little more thought to where you apply your fragrance will help in several ways. The first is that it will make the scent all the more potent if you maximize your body’s pulse points, etc. The second is that it can make your fragrance last longer and therefore give you more “bang for the buck”. Finally, by following some of these suggestions you will be following tried and true methods that many experts have researched and have found to be maximum application points.

The Most Appealing Scents for Men and Women

Physical attraction is a phenomenon that engages all the senses not the least of which is smell. In fact, in the animal kingdom scent is the key method for finding and attracting a mate. For us it is a bit more subtle but still a driving force when it comes to what appeals us to the opposite sex. But it is not just about smelling clean or smelling good. Certain aromas are known to have a greater appeal than others. Perfumes and colognes that mimic food aromas, for example, are among the fragrances that have the strongest appeal. Here are few powerful aromas that are bound to be noticed by the opposite sex.

Men’s Fragrances that Appeal to Women

  • Licorice:  This scent is said to greatly enhance arousal in women affect.  According to a study by Dr. Alan Hirsch this scent, which comes from anise, combines well with cola and with cucumber as well.  Cereus No.11 for Men is one such cologne that combines these powerful attractants.
  • Pumpkin Pie:  According to Hirsch, this scent raises female arousal by 11%. It can be found in Pumpkin Pie by Demeter.
  • Dark Chocolate:  Chocolate is one of the many food odors that appeal to both sexes but to women in particular according to some studies.  Ralph Lauren Big Pony Red #2 is an example of a fragrance that combines dark chocolate with a hint of black pepper.
  • Lavender, Sage and Pepper:  This powerful triumvirate of aromas balances a sense of tenderness with power increasing its appeal to women.  Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme perfectly blends these aromas and adds to it dry notes of cedar wood.
  • Grapefruit, Vanilla:  This combination is intense but not overwhelming and mixed with an amber musk – as it is in Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible – captures the opposite sex’s attention with its contrasting aromas.

Women’s Fragrances that Appeal to Men

  • Vanilla:  According to the Hirsch study, Vanilla is one food aroma that highly appeals to men. For maximum appeal it is recommended that women combine vanilla with amber and musk as in Clean Skin 2.14 oz/ 60 mL Eau de Parfum Spray for Women.
  • Floral and Woodsy fragrances:  These fragrances according to Hirsch can be used to appeal to men.  Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession and Tom Ford’s Black Orchid are two examples of perfume’s that combine floral and woodsy notes.
  • Spicy Florals/white wood:  Two perfumes that combine these notes include Lolita Lempicka’s Si Lolita and Daisy Marc Jacobs.

Yes, certain aromas will always be known to elicit a positive response in people more than do others.  Modern day perfumers know this and carefully look at every study on the psychology of smell and attraction. At Lily Direct we sell fragrances that will appeal to the opposite sex and will increase your appeal as well.

Tips for Blending Fragrances

As everyone who uses perfumes, colognes and similar products knows fragrances shopping is a very personal experience.  You are, after all, trying to find a scent that is special and uniquely you.  Well, the best way to achieve this kind of customization is by mastering the art of blending fragrances in order to create something truly unique.  But what are the essentials of fragrance pairing?  What does one have to know about this science/art?  Here are some tips to help you create your own fragrance blends.Blending Fragrances

Define the kind of scent you are trying to create:  There are scents that are floral, fruity, masculine, sweet, etc.  Once you have made this determination begin to choose scents that are in the same category and begin to experiment.

Learn how to identify essential oil notes:  Blends are comprised of top, middle and base notes.  Top notes are the strongest most noticeable aroma; middle notes last longer than top notes but are not as strong and finally base notes last the longest.

Know the basics of essential oil blending:  As pointed out above, scents can be woodsy, minty, spicy, based on oriental ingredients, etc.  Learn the fragrances that blend particularly well together.  For example, floral blend pair well spicy, citrusy and woodsy essential oils.

Consider the strength:  Each fragrance you add to your blend will most likely vary in intensity.  One fragrance should not overwhelm the other.  If it does then you need to go back to the drawing board so to speak and continue mixing until you have a greater balance of the fragrances.

Use an eye dropper:  You will want to use an eye dropper in order to be more precise when creating your blend.  This will help later when you are trying to make adjustments to your fragrance.

Label your blend:  Once you have blended your new fragrance place it in a separate container and put it aside.  You may also wish to write down how you achieved your new blend so that it can be more easily replicated.

At Lily Direct we have many aromas for you to choose from.  You can begin your experimentation with a variety of the most popular fragrances on the market including essential oils, etc.  We’re sure that aided by these tips and a visit to our store you will create a blend that is deeply personal and absolutely distinctive.


Some Tips for Men on Layering Fragrances

It’s one of the trickiest grooming habits to pull of successfully and one that is not made easy by the thousands of colognes, body washes, scented deodorants and aftershaves that are available on the market.  The grooming habit being referred to here is matching the right combination of fragrances together in just the right manner.  This grooming ritual is also referred to by many as “layering.”  Men in particular should be carefully when they layer fragrances so as to not create a heavy scent that is off-putting.  Layering in an incorrect way also has the effect of shortening the duration of the scent one has achieved.  Below are some tips for men on smart layering that will produce the effect of creating a long-lasting, distinct scent that will last all day long and into the night.

  • Simple is best:  Try mixing one or two-note fragrances together.  Vanilla, amber, or coconut-based scents go together well in particular.
  • Consider scent duration:  Different cosmetic products have different levels of intensity and duration.  For example, shower gel generally last for only seconds.  Cologne lasts longer than aftershave and of course under arm deodorant lasts all day.  Try using a neutral aftershave and deodorant and then pair it with more assertive colognes.
  • Go unscented:  If you believe your overall layering may become too overpowering try using unscented deodorant.  They have become increasingly popular and are very easy to find.
  • Don’t spray your clothes:  Mist your pulse points but don’t ruin your clothes.  Doing so risks creates an overbearing scent.
  • Use similar scents:  Don’t blend scents that are too diverse.  For example, if you are using one product with citrusy notes trying pairing it with a product with a similar base.
  • Know the difference between cologne and deodorant:  Deodorant is less assertive than cologne.  Generally, it is designed to keep you from having an unpleasant scent and keeps you from sweating.  Cologne is designed to make you smell better than deodorant would alone.  Don’t confuse the two and never, use one in place of the other.

Finally, following these tips should make layering a less confusing and tedious job.  It should also help make you and your aroma stand out in a positive way.  Men can be as capable and knowledgeable about this area of personal grooming as women and can make their colognes, aftershaves, etc., last the entire day.  The next time you apply these personal products remember it is more about doing so in the right combination as it is about the scent of any particular fragrance.


I Love You…Well, I Love the Way You Smell

Scents and fragrances can be much like music and song lyrics. They have the ability to transport us in time to an exact moment and evoke vivid memories we thought we had long since forgotten. It is an involuntary response we have as human beings. It is one of our most powerful subconscious reactions. We all attribute familiar scents with specific blocks of times in our lives and make subconscious decisions based on those reactions. One of the most prevalent decisions is our selection of life partner.

Humans secrete scents known as pheromones, which in turn affect the behaviors of those around us. Again, this is always a subconscious, involuntary response. It is believed that by altering ones pheromones you can alter the response of other human behavior towards yourself. This is where cologne comes into play. By selecting just the right cologne men believe they can trigger a sexual draw in women as an involuntary response to the pheromones released.

There is significant medical research to support that this is the case. Humans are, after all, just mammals. All other mammals use the attraction formed by pheromone release as their deciding factor when selecting a mate. Why should humans be any different?

In humans, once just the right pheromones are released and detected by another human, the hypothalamus starts to elicit attraction, desire and even sexual arousal. All based just on pheromones!

Men and women both release pheromones and both respond in a sexually aroused manner when matched with the right partner.

Make sure you choose the right fragrance! It could be a more important decision than you think.

We recommend for the Ladies-Pure Sensual Perfume for Women by Karen Low. This fragrance is clean yet intoxicating.





And for the men we suggest-Versace Eros. A classic and heady mix, women polled stated that this was THE sexiest cologne around.


Lily Direct has these great scents and many more at fantastic discount prices.

Winter Fragrance Guide

For a lot of you fragrance lovers out there, a new season means a new fragrance. Here at Lily Direct we definitely have a perfume for every season; and our wide selection of discount fragrances make it easy for you to have the same. Winter is a time when you want to stay warm and toasty whenever you can, so it makes sense that you’d want to go with a warm and toasty scent that makes you feel special no matter what you’re doing. Below are four of our favorite scents for you to rock all winter long:

"winter fragrance"The One Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana The One is a warm, floral scent with notes of vanilla and amber-musk that is perfect for wear all throughout the cold winter months. This perfume screams femininity! Use The One as your signature scent and you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Fame by Lady GagaWe’re sure when you think Lady Gaga you think bold and ostentatious; but Fame is actually a flirty, fruity, subtle scent that is perfect for a night out on the town with your girls. Spritz it on before you get dressed and reveal a delicious scent when you take that coat off for the night.

Premiere Perfume by GucciLooking for the perfect scent for a night out with that special someone? Look no further than Premiere. This light, delicate perfume smells of crisp white flowers and is sure to heat up your romantic life this winter.




Stella by Stella McCartneyLove the smell of flowers after a rainstorm? Then this feminine yet strong scent with notes of rose and warm amber is perfect for you. Spritz Stella on before a first date and we can almost guarantee you’ll get a second date.

Fragrance Families-It’s All Relative

If you are an avid perfume wearer you probably know more about fragrance families than you even realize. Maybe you aren’t completely well-versed in the actual terms. You may not know the difference between a floral and an oriental scent by name, but chances are, your nose can (and does) tell the difference. More often than not, the fragrances that one person enjoys all fall into the same fragrance family. Sense of smell is the savviest of the senses; so one’s nose often understands what they enjoy more than their mind does. After reading this blog go check out your fragrance collection. I bet at least 90% of your scents come from the same fragrance family.

Although there are quite a few fragrance families, we are just going to go over the four most common here…


The floral fragrance family is generally considered the most popular fragrance family. The name pretty much speaks for itself. Floral fragrance s can be based around a single flower or a floral bouquet. Fragrances in this family usually smell very romantic and pretty. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is an example of a delightful floral scent.


The oriental fragrance family includes rich and spicy scents. These warm, sensual scents often include musk, vanilla, exotic resins and wood. You might also notice notes of cinnamon, cloves, amber and incense. If you’re looking for a great, intense oriental scent try Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.


This fun fragrance family is zesty, clean and effervescent. Fresh scents are most often fruity, green or herbal. There are a few different subcategories in the fresh family including fruity-floral, aqua and citrusy scents. Dot by Marc Jacobs is a great fragrance to try if you’re a fan of a fruity-floral scent and looking for something young and flirty.


Woody scents are the earthiest of the fragrance families. Scents in this family include notes of wood, moss, dirt and damp leaves; think fragrant forests or roaring camp fires. There are a few variations within this mature fragrance family including woody oriental, dry wood and mossy wood. Estee Lauder’s Sensuous is the perfect example of a woody scent.

Great Perfume Houses Part 6

Welcome back! For the 6th installment of our bi-weekly presentation of the great perfume houses from around the world we are leaving Paris and heading to London. Today we are going to explore the illustrious history of Floris London

This famous British family perfumery has been in operation since 1730 when founder Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth began selling perfume, combs and shaving products in London’s St. James quarter. Floris London is a family-run perfume house. Not only is it still run by the founder’s descendants, the company is headquartered at the original shop to this day.

Floris London has a long history of elite clientele. Royalty, historical figures and celebrities alike have all been customers of Floris. With clients such as Florence Nightengale, Winston Churchill, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Marilyn Monroe, it’s no wonder this long-standing perfume house is held in such high regard around the world. Floris has received royal accolades and praise from famous figures around the globe.

Although Floris London produced fragrances from the start, in the earlier years of operation the emphasis was on their combs and shaving products. The 1900’s was when we saw the emphasis shift to fragrance. In 1950 the United States started catching on to what Europe had known for years: Floris London was a remarkable perfumery that deserved much praise. By 1989 the demand for Floris perfume was too high for their small flagship store to handle so production was moved to a factory set up in Devon, England; this is where production continues today.

Do you want to smell like royalty? You can find Floris fragrances such as Floris Special No 127 Cologne and Floris Lily of the Valley at great prices on the Lily Direct website.

A Scent for Every Dad

Father’s Day is on Sunday so in honor of the Dads of the world we want to take a moment to talk about men’s cologne. Men and women approach fragrances with very different attitudes. Women tend to take their time in choosing a signature scent. A woman may spend years trying out different scents until she lands on just the right one. A man, however, doesn’t usually put so much effort into his scent. Of course these are not hard and fast gender rules. We all know that woman who could care less about fragrance and that man who has carefully cultivated a scent for every occasion. But generally speaking, men tend to spend far less time testing options and choosing a signature scent.

So how about this for a Father’s Day gift idea: This year, rather than arbitrarily choosing some random scent for your Dad that smells nice when you spritz it in the air, offer your Father a “fragrance consultation” that you will follow up on by purchasing that perfect scent that you both decide on. You two will have fun spending a day together trying out different scents and finding just the right one to match your Dad’s personality and body chemistry. Then you can find the chosen scent on Lily Direct at a discounted price. Your Dad will think you are thoughtful as well as wise for saving money by buying his gift on a discount fragrance site.

Need a jumping off point? We have a few suggestions based on personality types. If your Dad is a laid back kind of guy who spends his days in jeans and t-shirts, citrusy fragrances may be his thing. You can start by trying Essenza di Colonia by Acqua di Parma and go from there. Dad an outdoorsy kind of guy who likes to garden or hike regularly? A green scent, such as Nautica Voyage Cologne by Nautica, could be the perfect fit for him. Maybe your Dad is more like the quintessential manly man who loves sports and cars; these dads may prefer a spicy scent like Tom Ford’s Noir

How to Find a Perfume that Compliments Your Scent

Whenever someone passes by a perfume counter they will see a lot of different fragrances. It can be such a difficult thing to choose one. There are such an overwhelming amount of fragrances available. The person behind the counter is a salesmen. It is their duty to try to sell so they will not really know what will compliment your scent. In matters such as this you will have to make the decision for yourself.This is basically a trial and error process. A good idea would be to buy a couple of different perfume types. You should buy all fragrances that are different. It doesn’t really help to buy things that are similar because all of this will smell about the same on you. When you buy several different scents you can experiment from day to day.The good thing about this is that once you try on the scent you can simply start letting other people smell it on you. This is the best way to tell what works best for you . Sometimes a new scent can be enticing to your nose, but it is always best to get the opinion from someone else. You have the ability to only really smell the perfume. It typically takes the nose of another person to get a feel for the fragrance mixed with your own scent.

Sometimes you can use a tester bottle in a store and get a feel for what you like. It really just all depends on the type of smell that you think will go with your scent. When you find the right one you should make a mental note of it. This is the only way to keep a good gauge of what will work best for you. These smells will become your signature fragrances.