Fragrance Industry Trends in the 21st Century: What Are Consumers Looking For?

We have seen how the fragrance industry evolved in time. Knowing about the past of a certain product is certainly helpful, but how much do we know about the present? What are the trends in fragrance design, in the 21st century?

Globalization is a term you have heard about, applied in various areas of society. This also applies to the fashion and fragrance industry. Old concepts of geographic barriers are quickly evaporating and the gradual economic globalization, together with a rapid growth in Internet communication all contribute to a shift in approach. Disparate areas of the globe are now in contact with one another in a very tangible way, and in order to survive, the fragrance industry must adapt to this.

Below are a few of the main trends currently manifesting in perfume making:

1)      A tendency to make perfume more approachable.

The emergence of mass product lines in perfumery has brought about a lowering in prices. Competition is so fierce, with big designers’ houses extending their lines throughout the world that anyone who wants to survive in a market supersaturated with products has to adapt their price line.  This is also due to the fact that consumers are more aware of the fact that some of the mass market products can deliver the same quality as their luxury counterparts.

2)      A new tendency to buy online

The advent of online shopping, even for premium consumers’ products is a trend that cannot be ignored. The time-saving products are a response to the needs of today’s ever-busy consumers who want to limit the amount of time spent on their daily beauty routine.  In 2010 more than 11 billion USD worth of sales were online transactions. E-commerce outlets continue to expand their range of products; websites are nowadays explaining the smallest details and specifics of the different products’ contents and prices.

3)      People are looking for long- lasting products

Now, more than ever, the consumer will be looking to get a good price- value ratio. Everything in the cosmetics industry is subject to this trend- from nail polishes to 24 hour skincare. Perfume makes no exception as more and more consumers will be looking for long lasting, poignant creations that are high quality and able to last all day on their skin.

4)      Another new trend is sustainability

When introducing new products, cosmetics manufacturers increasingly start emphasizing that they were produced in a way that was not harmful to the environment whilst their effectiveness remained comparable to their previous versions. Moreover, perfumes and other cosmetic products are created on the basis of advanced research technologies which makes them higher quality.