Perfume Wearing Tips for Hot Weather: What Scent to Use for Your Vacation

The warm season is upon us and you are probably already dreaming of that perfect summer vacation you have been planning all through winter months. When you close your eyes and imagine how it will be, you see a tropical beach, you can feel scents of coconut lotions, the salty marine air and many exotic fragrances all around you. You are probably already planning that shopping trip for a new and sexy-looking bathing suit, you have put down your list the omnipresent sun-lotion, the sun glasses, the sun hat and so many other things you need for an exquisite beach vacation. And the perfume, of course. But wait! What is the perfect fragrance you should have with you on a summer vacation? Whether you are thinking of buying something new to wear or if you plan to remain true to your beloved perfume, there are a few things to consider about how sultry weather might affect the impact of your fragrance.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, before you rush out the door heading for a great summer adventure:

Consider the perfume notes

The first impression you get of a fragrance, no matter how delicate it may be, will be the top notes. These tend to evaporate quite quickly, especially in warm weather. The body of a fragrance is composed of its middle notes, and these basically emerge after application, 15 minutes to 30 minutes after. The base notes are in fact those that will stay with you for many hours. The secret that not many women know is that hot weather will quickly bring to the front the base notes on any perfume, as the other notes will dissipate quicker, due to warmth and air humidity.

This is why you need an eau de perfume with base floral notes, like the Princess fragrance from Vera Wang to stay with you throughout hot summer days.

Combine and complement fragrances

It can be tricky to wear a heavier perfume on a hot day, so you want to steer in the middle when picking up the right fragrance. Don’t choose perfumes or perfume extracts (extraits) that contain the highest concentration of aromatic compounds. An eau de parfum or eau de toilette are the better choices in this respect. In general, even if you have a fragrance that you consider as your signature, it is best to look for a version that is at least one step lighter than what you generally wear. Complement that with aromatic body lotions, preferably in the same nuance, to get a longer lasting scent on your skin, and you will have a fragrance that will stay with you until late in the night. If you want to really get creative, you can combine or layer two different and yet still complementary fragrances, for stunning effects. The trick is to pick up scents that are built on similar base notes.

Generally, it is best to narrow down your options by getting your inspiration from your destination. Are you heading for a tropical island? Frangipani and orchid based perfumes are quite the appropriate scents for this. Tahiti? Spicy perfumes or vanilla based ones are the winners here.

Keep in mind there are no absolute rules about which scents to wear and which ones to steer clear of. Just try to match your destination with what your common sense dictates. And remember, one rule should always be there with you: whatever perfume you choose to wear, do not overuse!