The Best Places to Apply Fragrances

Including places you may not have considered

Most of us will give a lot of thought over which cologne or perfume we will select to become our signature fragrance. We’ll scour over the latest online fragrance reviews, or we’ll allow ourselves to be spritzed at the counter of our favorite store or we’ll follow the recommendation of a friend in making this important decision. Yet, as careful as some of us are in making the choice of what fragrance to wear, many of us won’t even think twice when it comes to where to apply our favorite cologne or perfume. We all know that the common places to apply fragrances are the wrists, ears, neck, etc. However, by limiting the application of your fragrance to these areas you may be missing out on some other enticing possibilities. Here are a few other places to apply fragrances that many experts recommend.

  • In Your Hair: Perfume applied here (lightly so as not to dry out the hair) latches onto hair fibers which in turn makes the scent last longer.
  • Inside Your Elbows: This pulse point is a nice change of pace from spritzing the wrist yet it is just as effective.
  • Behind Your Knees: Veins are particularly close to the skin in this area of the body thus it is a pulse point that generates heat. This heat helps to project the scent outwards.
  • In Your Belly Button: The navel radiates heat and this is essential for pushing the scent of colognes and fragrances outwards.
  • Down Your Calves: Try spritzing your favorite fragrance on the sides of your calf. The friction cause by your walking about will help to radiate the scent. This spot is also particularly effective if you wear shorts or a skirt.
  • On Your Feet: This off sounding place is not so odd when you think of it. Your feet are in motion during most of the day, so what better way is there to leave your scent gently wafting behind you as you travel?

In a nutshell, giving a little more thought to where you apply your fragrance will help in several ways. The first is that it will make the scent all the more potent if you maximize your body’s pulse points, etc. The second is that it can make your fragrance last longer and therefore give you more “bang for the buck”. Finally, by following some of these suggestions you will be following tried and true methods that many experts have researched and have found to be maximum application points.

Popular Fragrances this Christmas

It seems that more and more celebrities are getting involved with the fragrance industry. There are countless celebrity associated scents on the shelves right now, and they are becoming more and more common all the time. Popular fragrances right now are tied into major musical figures like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.

So just what does this mean for the future? Well likely, it will be more of the same trends, offering a host of new ways to smell as glamorous as the celebrities gracing the box of the bottle. There is also likely going to eventually be a celebrity that can appeal to almost anyone, as all types of genres are moving in this direction.

Movies, music, and television all share equal ground on the fragrance front, and they compete neck and neck for customers. While this is the case now, it seems that many new faces are joining the ranks to make a go of having a personally inspired fragrance. Several of these new faces include Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and The Voice, Kanye West and Rihanna.

Considering the current trends and projected increase in product volume, it is reasonable to suggest that the future of fragrance holds the perfect scent for anyone. Whether you are following along with some of your favorite famous faces, or you divert from this to find your own cologne or perfume from a company option, it is only a matter of time until you find the perfect fragrance fit.