Men’s Fragrance Tips: When and How to Apply Your Cologne

Men wear perfume or eau de cologne too. So why not share a few essential tips on how to wear the scent in an expert way? Read a few tips below,

Rule no.1- Find out how much is too much

This is a piece of advice that applies to men and women alike. No matter if it is perfume or cologne, you should know that a commercial or designer’s scent can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In fact, a lot of men will make the mistake of thinking they need to choose a single scent to wear on all occasions. Ask yourself this: would you wear the same pair of shoes on all occasions? If the answer is no, you are typically on a good path. This is probably obvious, but the number one rule is not to marinate in your cologne. This may actually cause more harm than good to your overall personal appearance. So ttry to apply the appropriate amount of cologne without driving away the others, this will not work well in any circumstances.

Apply on the right spots

There are a couple of key areas where you should apply your perfume. Experts call them pulse points and they are the base of your throat and your chest. This allows the cologne to mingle with your own natural odors and pheromones, creating a very distinct and personalized scent. You can additionally place a strategic dab of perfume under your ears. If you would like to apply on your wrists, just like women do, remember not rub your perfume into your skin, as this will cause the scent to dissipate quicker.

Another aspect to be mindful of while applying cologne is the type of skin you have. Fragrances tend to cling to men with oily skin complexions longer than those with drier skin, which soaks up the scent. Therefore, if you have dry skin, feel free to apply a little extra cologne remembering not to drown yourself in it.

Learn where and when to wear your perfume

Keep in mind that wearing cologne to work is generally acceptable. Just in very decent doses. But this becomes a necessary fashion accessory when going out at night. A light citrus-based scent is perfect for an afternoon outing. But if you are preparing for a special romantic evening, choose a stronger scent with spice undertones or musky notes that will mix with your own natural pheromones.