A Few Essential Perfume Etiquette Tips for the Fragrance Lover

So, you love perfume. This is great.  As fragrance lovers, we often think wearing it will enhance our appearance and will give those around us a wellbeing feel. But, have you wondered if everyone is enjoying your perfume wearing experience just as well as you? This is not always the case. Here are a few perfume etiquette tips that every one of us can use.

When going out, you may get to be around people who do not like the perfume you are wearing. Think about it: you can take a seat in a restaurant, or another public place, near someone who is allergic or has asthma. Your perfume can actually harm them, if you have too much on. How do we know how much perfume is too much or not enough?

Too much is never good

Keep in mind that when you apply too much scent, what people will smell will be a fragrance, you’re your signature scent. Your perfume wearing should not be a statement in itself. Allow your fragrance to interact with your overall body chemistry, and manage to produce a personalized version of that perfume: your fragrance, your own unique signature.

Apply perfume only on the right spots

Learning where to apply perfume, so it interacts with your body chemistry without disrupting the environment is in fact an art. Keep in mind that your fragrance should be subtle enough, so people will get a hint, they won’t get suffocated by it.

Applying on your clothes should be done with care. Many of your garments will hold on to your perfume scent but they can easily get stained.  It is worth mentioning the fact that clothing pieces will not interact with your perfume the same way as your skin does.  The final result may be that your clothes will smell like the perfume, but not like your skin, which gives  you the unique version of it.

Other perfume etiquette tips

  • Pair your perfume with the place or venue.
  • If you want to refresh, apply your perfume in private
  • Resist a tendency to compete with other ladies’ stronger fragrances
  • Don’t use your perfume as body spray
  • Use fragrances that are in accordance with the season.