Fragrance Gifts for Christmas: Favorite Perfumes by Age

A quality perfume will usually be quite a safe bet for a gift for Christmas, and this would definitely make the woman in your life very happy. But what if you have more women in your life that you want to offer such a gift to? Buying a fragrances will obviously take more thought than just reaching for the prettiest bottle. Below are a few tips and suggestions of perfume for women of various ages:

For your little princess
No little lady is actually insensitive to the charms of the Hello Kitty brand so the safest bet would be to go for the Hello Kit Spot perfume. Any vanilla and fruity fragrance will actually do. If you have a more sophisticated lady that will receive this gift, go for a mini Burberry perfume. If your little princess is a teenager now, you cannot go wrong with this flowery scent from Kenzo.

For a woman in her twenties
A glamorous young woman will always go for a warm, delicate fragrance made of amber, sandalwood with floral notes. Or you could try the energetic charm of a Marc Jacobs fragrance. Honey is probably the best suited for a stylish little lady, as it incorporates peach nectar, honeysuckle and orange blossom notes. Lola is another unique Marc Jacobs scent that would fit a young woman’s style very well.

For a woman in her thirties
Tom Ford fragrances seem the best fitted for more sophisticated thirty-something ladies. Who doesn’t love the sexy scents of lavender and orange flower in creations such as Portofino or the adorable flowery notes in Violet Blonde? Also, you can never go wrong with a fine Prada creation.

For a lady in her forties
Estee Lauder creations are generally best sellers with ladies in their forties, who love layered perfume with a hint of mystery. Classics such as Estee or Beautiful will always be a pleasing gift for a lady who is in her forties.

For your mom or mother in law
Women over 50 just love the classical scents. You cannot go wrong if you select a crowd pleasing classic, even if you don’t know much about the lady who will receive the gift. A Jean Patou floral perfume will please the senses of your mother, but so will a Dior or Chanel creation. If you want to be 100% right, you will never go wrong with Chanel no. 5.

Buy Perfume for Christmas: The Guide to Buying Perfume for Her

Every woman loves to smell good and there is no better gift for Christmas than a pampering sets of fragrant objects. If you can afford it, a couture perfume would be even the best choice. If you are considering a practical gift and are thinking of ruling out perfume, think again: your better half may have a different idea about what is practical and what is not. And, any woman will tell you: there is nothing more practical than a nicely wrapped bottle of their favorite fragrance.

Below are a few reasons why you should consider buying a nice and expensive perfume for a significant lady in your life:

1)    This will make her feel pampered. To women, perfume is like the final touch to their entire appearance, and physical appearance is something most ladies work hard for: makeup, hair, fashion choices, these are all completed by the delicate touch of a fine perfume.

2)    Many women cannot afford to buy a designer perfume on a regular basis, so such a gift will make them feel unique and appreciated. It will also be a gift they will cherish for a long time and will use with pleasure. Also, it shows you actually pay attention to her needs.

3)    Perfume is practical because it is a space saver. Some ladies don’t appreciate very big gifts. But a perfume bottle can always fit a pocket book or a purse, and she will carry it with her all the time.

4)      The ultimate argument is that nothing is more romantic than a bottle of fine perfume as a Christmas gift for the one you love. Fragrance is known for stirring the senses and creating feelings of love and sensuality in the others, so a well-chosen perfume bottle will speak volumes.

A few perfume gift suggestions

a)      For a woman who is pretty domestic, loves her family and the things she can do to make her house seem like a real haven, try something with big bloom notes, including jasmine and rose. Our suggestion: Chloe by Chloe

b)      For a style queen who is always on top of fashion trends, something alluring and sensual might be the best choice. Any of the Vivienne Westwood perfumes would do.

c)       For a lady who loves luxury above all, who is permanently polished, you definitely need a fragrance that is larger than life. Try something sophisticated and expensive like Stella by Stella Mc Cartney.