New Perfumes & Fragrance News: Modern Muse from Estée Lauder

Recently the fragrance world has seen the launch of the latest creation from Estee Lauder. Deemed as the first major fragrance launch over the past 10 years, Modern Muse is the iconic house’s latest attempt to climb back to the perfume makers’ top. Estee Lauder perfumes are some of the heavy hitters on LilyDirect, so, although the perfume hasn’t yet made its way to our counters, here is a small review.

Basically, Modern Muse is meant to be the fragrance of choice of today’s self-confident and modern woman. A Modern Muse is a woman who lives in today’s hectic world and knows very well how to use it, how to step in it, how to inspire it. Created by perfume designer Harry Fremont, this fragrance is based on a duality that every 21st century woman expresses: delicacy and strength. Today’s muses are strong women who embrace their individual style and are not afraid to conquer the world with a delicate move of their arms. Such a woman possesses an independent spirit and a natural magnetism, a woman who is in control of her erotic strength, of her power to seduce and also can communicate to the world without saying a single world. A woman with a force of creative energy in everything she does, who is a true inspiration to everyone around her.

The composition actually expresses this duality by using sparkling notes of jasmine (the delicate note of feminity) and combining them with sleek wood notes (a definition of power and masculine energy). Exotic notes of honeysuckle, Chinese Sambac and mandarin are blended in the middle notes, while base notes start off delicate patchouli, Madagascar vanilla and musk.

The house of Estee Lauder has chosen internationally renowned model Arizona Muse (with a name that fits the creation) to be the face of the new fragrance. The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Modern Muse was launched in 2013.

Verdict: It is very interesting to observe how the creator if this perfume has managed to balance in an almost perfect way the floral notes with some of the harsher and more contrasting ones. The result is really sensual and strong, lasting on the skin up to 6- 8 hours.

It is perhaps not among the best of the house’s creations, as it definitely doesn’t stand among the pantheon of classics, such as Youth Dew, Intuition, Estee or Beautiful, but this is a decent, well balanced creation that will definitely please elegant, sophisticated women.