Perfume Provider Tips: What Fragrance Color Should You Go For?

What color is your favorite perfume? Well, you might think it is irrelevant and everybody knows that most perfumes come in shades of gold, be they deep or pale. Sometimes, however,the juice projects the style of the fragrance.

The science of perfume color

Fragrance is one of the fashion world’s most complex components, and for obvious reasons. Each creation can actually make or break it- so everything has to be perfect, from the combination of notes to the ultimate product color and packaging.  There are more elements coming into play, including how a wearer’s skin chemistry affects the scent.

On the other hand, the color of perfume you choose can say a lot about a you. It makes sense, really, considering a number of fragrance families conjure colors all on their own, whether with the actual color of perfume or the colors associated with the major composing notes.

According to color psychologists, our favorite colors tell a lot about us, as they are a manifestation of our emotions. The colors we prefer will also allow an expert to draw conclusions on which are the favorite fragrances. For example, a lady whose color preference is in the range of yellows, orange or even pale green is an extrovert who will prefer fresh floral fragrances. On the other hand, women who like darker colors will go for lush, heavier perfumes. But this has only been considered a theory, and frankly, it all depends on the mood of the moment.

Is perfume color a marketing stunt?

Psychologically speaking, the answer is yes.

From liquid to bottling choices, today’s perfume creators and marketers are using psychology to associate different colors to our perfume brand choices.

Blue stands for sea and refreshing notes, it also means loyalty and truth. Green is fresh, full of earth associated notes, it evokes a summer morning in the woods.

Green stands for new life, and it is warmer than blue. This product sends out a completely relaxed and comfortable aroma.

Pink is gentle and loving, it is playful and sensual. The fruit and flower notes in pink give a refreshing feel.

Yellow gives people a luxuriant, downy, exalted, a little bit sexy and worshipful feeling. And it also has a little mysterious

What fragrance color should you choose?

You should definitely go for whatever makes you feel better. The truth of the matter is some perfume compositions will allow for different perfume colors, but, you should know one thing:  the deeper the color, the better the perfume. Oily perfumes are embedded in deep color, and they are a sign that the creation is more concentrated in base notes and will last longer on your skin.

No matter what you go for, make sure to pick a reliable perfume provider  that will give you the best deal on your quality scent.