Perfume for Your Teen? A Few Useful Tips

Your teen has been growing up to be a little lady on her way to sophistication. As you are a perfume lover, she will probably inherit this from you and will want to start wearing your perfumes. As a mother, your question is: should you allow her?

The below post provides a few simple tips to do this the right way.

Keep your teen’s school rules in mind

So you went with your teen to the mall and bought their favorite eau de parfum. Now what? While your little lady might be dying to share her new perfume with her friends at school, keep in mind that wearing fragrance may not be appropriate in a class setting. Classmates or teachers could be sensitive to the smell, which could make for an embarrassing situation for your teen. By finding out the school rules and teaching your teen the right way to apply perfume, she can indulge in her favorite fragrance without offending anyone. So, the best thing is to first check her school policy, you can do that online. Depending on what the rules are, you can disallow perfume wearing completely, limiting it to wearing on weekends and special occasions.

Keep people’s fragrance sensitivity in mind

It is never too early to give your teen a bit of perfume education. So, even if your teen’s school doesn’r have any specific rules for fragrance wearing, you should teach your child that moderation in wearing comes hand in hand with the respect for the others’ sensitivities. You may want to consider the fact that some classmates and teachers could have a fragrance sensitivity and they might experience side effects like sneezing, watery, itchy eyes and headaches, especially when perfume is worn heavily.

As a mother, you should also keep in mind your own little lady’s sensitivities. So, before buying their first perfume, make sure you purchase a sample first and see if she tolerates it and no allergies appear.

So, what do you do when the perfume is too strong? Your teen might still be able to wear some type of scent, but it will have to be lighter and more natural than a typical perfume. Check into fragrant essential oils like rose oil, jasmine or Moroccan oil, all which have mild, pleasant scents without any synthetics.

Teach your teen the perfume basics and application tips

Some young girls may be tempted to apply perfume too liberally. A bit of education is also important here. According to perfume experts, you should hold the bottle 5 to 7 inches from the body and should never see moisture on your skin afterward. If you do, you’re holding the bottle too close. Or, try this foolproof method for application: Have your teen spray the perfume once in the air and then walk through the mist for the ideal light application.