Layering Your Fragrance for Longer Lasting Results: Easy Tips for Applying Perfume

Many people who are wearing perfume find it frustrating how a fragrance can be strong in the morning and it loses its olfactory impact in only a few hours. If your perfume doesn’t seem to last too long as it should, it isn’t always because it is not a good perfume. There are many explanations available and one of them has to do with the chemistry between the fragrance and your skin. But if you want to ensure longevity of your perfume throughout the day, you may want to learn layering.

This is in fact the art of applying various forms of a chosen scent, in order to create a longer lasting impact on your skin. As you well know, the perfume you bought will most likely come with a wide range of associated products, from perfumed soaps or shower gels to lotions, bath oils or powders and even deodorants. Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to break the bank and buy all these for perfect layering. In fact, it will be enough to purchase only two or three of these associated scented products. Just think of it in these terms: the most expensive of all still remains your eau de parfum, so, by associating it with similarly scented oils, bath gels or creams, you save a lot of money on the long run, because you won’t be using the perfume so much anymore.

Keep in mind the fact that the sequence with which you apply these associated fragrances is largely dependent upon the products you buy. Have you decided to purchase a similar bath product? Obviously, layering will start with that. Once you are out of the shower, make sure you reinforce the scent with a complementary body lotion, which will serve as a base for the perfume you will apply later. For dry skin, perfumed oils can be a blessing as they will help with hydration. For oily skin, a fragranced bath powder is recommended. After you have finished that stage of the process, compete the layering process by spraying a light coating of the perfume. In order to maximize scent retention, focus on the areas where your skin tends to get oiliest.

Remember: layering, even if made with an eau de cologne and a denser perfume, doesn’t have to be a pairing of equal concentration scents. Products like Chanel or Guerlain have separate formulations for eau de parfum, eau de toilette and so on.
Learning how to make your chosen fragrance last longer by means of layering is not easy but it can be learned, provided you choose to buy quality products belonging to the same line. This really works and you will be able to save money since you don’t need to keep reapplying perfume throughout the day.