A Few Top Perfume Choices for this Season

With the Easter just around the corner, no one can claim spring is not here already, embracing us all in her scented and warm aromas. What will you be wearing this spring? Here are  few of the best perfumes that are considered classics in a perfumista’s world. If you haven’t already, try them and you will fall in love with at least one of these fragrances.

Guerlain perfumes: Chamade and Cherry Blossom: After all the leather, wood or incense notes the winter has brought with it, everyone will crave a thick floral perfume. For the connoisseurs, you should try one of the classics: Chamade- an absolute spring choice for its almost narcotic hyacinth notes with a mouthwatering touch of cassis. This was created by Paul Guerlain in 1969 and was meant to emulate the heartbeat of a woman in love. This fragrant love story contains Turkish rose, jasmine, lilac, ylang ylang and lily of the valley, delicately ennobled by amber, iris and Tonka bean subnotes. It may be tougher to find this fragrance online or at your nearest luxury perfume provider, but not impossible. If you want to replace this with another wonderful Guerlain classic, you can go for Cherry Blossom, a delicate symphony of blooming flowers.

Cartier Baiser Volé Parfum:  This classic perfume builds upon an older Cartier creation, the oriental, potent and passionate Le Baiser du Dragon. The composition is more sophisticated and complex, with an exciting emphasis on mystery. The very feminine note is given by essences of rare lily and several additional notes that make it fresh and powdery.

 Lanvin Eclat D’Arpège: This exclusive Lanvin creation will steal your heart with its freshness and beauty. Top notes are green lilac and petit grain; middle notes are peach blossom, wisteria, red peony, green tea and Chinese osmanthus. At the base of this wonderful creation you can find the more masculine wooden notes of cedar and musk, everything being embraced by an amber kiss.

Eau de Chloe: If you are looking for something a bit more fresh, this is it. This joyful creation speaks love of life and nature, it features sparkling citrus accords reminiscent of refreshing lemonade, accords of rose petals and natural distilled rose water that give a dewy character to the fragrance, and warm and elegant veil provided by patchouli. This is most appropriate for women who are in touch with their connection to nature, women who like to dress in a stress- free, all natural way.

Other possible choices:

  • Parfum de Nicolaï Le Temps d’ Une Fête
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville à l’Aube
  • Christian Dior Diorissimo
  • Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse / Champagne