Unisex Fragrances: A Scent for Everyone

What’s feminine and what’s masculine? The line between these two ideas has been blurring more and more every day over the past few decades. In today’s world men are nannies—or “mannies”—and women are CEOs; it isn’t uncommon for your doctor to be a woman and your nurse to be a man; we see powerful women with male assistants every day now. The point is this: there are no longer quintessential male and female roles that we all strive to follow in society, so why should there still be such a focus on male and female scents in the fragrance world?

Here at Lily Direct we are big fans of the Unisex Fragrance. When you are free to choose what role you’d like to play in society, you should also be free to choose how you’d like to smell with no restrictions. While unisex scents are not a brand new idea, their mainstream popularity really took off in the 90’s—when androgyny was trendy—with CK One Unisex Perfume by Calvin Klein. Since then, we have seen a number of popular unisex fragrances hit the market. One of our favorite scents for men and women is "unisex fragrance"Voyage D’Hermes Unisex Perfume by Hermes; but don’t worry, if neither of these fragrances pleases your olfactory senses there are plenty of other unisex perfumes to choose from.

When unisex fragrances were first gaining popularity it was most common for the scents to have more traditionally masculine elements. Recently however, these scents have been taking a turn for the flowery and men don’t seem to mind it one bit. Even beyond the unisex world, some “men’s fragrances” are even starting to incorporate traditionally feminine elements. Gucci Guilty Intense Cologne by Gucci, for example, is formulated around an orange flower base and men love it.

So whether you’re a woman looking to wear a men’s fragrance, a man wanting to experiment with women’s perfume or either sex looking for the perfect signature unisex scent, Lily Direct has something for you! Check out our vast inventory of discount fragrances and find a fantastic scent at a price you’ll love.