A Scent for Every Occasion

You plan your outfit and accessories based on the occasion. Your work outfit for example will likely be very different than your date outfit; and your first date outfit is probably even very different than your 5th date outfit. You put a lot of thought into your fashion choices and your fragrances choice should be no different. Your scent is after all an extension of your style; perfume and cologne are invisible fashion accessories that you can smell.

So how does one decide which scent goes with which occasion? Maybe we can help…

Work Appropriate: It’s best to just apply a light spritz when heading off to work. You don’t want to overwhelm the entire office with your aroma, no matter how delicious it is. Your best bet is to go with a subtle, light, crisp scent with fresh notes. We would recommend Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for the perfect everyday work fragrance.

Casual Fun: The best choice for a casual scent is similar to your work scent—it should be light and crisp, but unlike the work scent it can be a bit bolder with stronger, perhaps citrusy or earthy, undertones. Have fun with the casual fragrance choice; pick a perfume or cologne that matches how you’re feeling that day. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is definitely a fun option to consider.

Date Night: White, floral fragrances always scream romance. For a sexy but not too overwhelming scent, choose fragrances with iris or orange blossom notes. Pour Femme Intense by Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect scent for any date night.

Special Occasion: When you’re dressed to the nines and headed to an extra special event you want your aroma to match. You’ll definitely want to choose a warm, rich fragrance with woody, musky and/or spicy notes.  Spritz a little Si by Giorgio Armani on and you’ll turn heads—and noses.

Whatever the occasion, whatever fragrance you choose, Lily Direct has all the best discount fragrances you could ever want!