Why the Flowerbomb Perfume by Viktor & Rolf is a Top Seller

Flowerbomb by Viktor & RolfLaunched by the design house of Victor & Rolf in 2005, Flowerbomb perfume continues to be a top seller because of its intoxicating sweet and spicy notes of Tea, Bergamot, Sambac Jasmine, Orchid, Freesia, Rose, and Patchouli. This floral liquid orchestra of tones detonates femininity. Flowerbomb is a full-bodied perfume, but it doesn’t over power with fragrance rather it lightly whispers of sensuality.

It is perfect to wear at the office or out for a special night. Selecting a fragrance can be difficult because what the perfume smells like in the bottle, won’t necessarily smell the same once it’s applied to your body. One of the reasons that Flowerbomb perfume is a top seller is because it smells great on so many different people, regardless of body chemistry. It is a truly intoxicating fragrance that  men (and women) will try to get closer to you.

The fragrance also lasts throughout the day. Victor & Rolf even made the Flowerbomb perfume bottle exciting – the bottle’s pink glass is cut into the shape of a grenade, evoking a sexy sense of power. For a luxurious designer perfume, it is reasonably priced, making that one other reason why Flowerbomb is a top seller.