The Top Celebrity Fragrances of 2016

Branding is a huge part of being a celebrity in today’s world. In fact, many times celebrities lend their names to products whose sales rival or surpass their own record, movie or sports deals. Meanwhile, some of these products – which range from items such as shoes, dresses or even home décor – are often just brand extensions that lack any real quality or distinction, some are of high quality. This is particularly the case when it comes to fragrances. Many celebrity perfumes and colognes now rival famous designer fragrances in quality and popularity. Here are a few of the most popular celebrity fragrances.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor: No list of top-selling, quality fragrances would be complete without the one that started it all. Back in 1991, creating fragrances was something that celebrities just did not do. Legendary film star Elizabeth Taylor changed this with the introduction of her signature perfume which eventually became a line. White Diamonds is a sophisticated scent featuring top notes of bergamot, neroli and lily, followed by heart notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, and patchouli.

Curious Eau de Parfum Spray for Women by Britney Spears: Although the pop-star’s career has faltered somewhat in recent years, her signature fragrance has not. Curious is affordable, sexy and has a freshly-showered scent.

Notes Eau de Toilette Spray for Women by Celine Dion: This Canadian songstress has an entire line of perfumes but Notes is her most well-known fragrance. The perfume is an understated blend of peony, vetiver, mimosa, woods, and orchid and is best worn on casual occasions.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift: This fragrance – which is reminiscent of summer – contains strong top notes of raspberry and green tea, heart notes of honeysuckle, and peach on the base. The ornate, glittery bottle itself is almost as distinctive as the fragrance itself.

Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian: Launched back in 2013, Pure Honey is – as you would expect – a mix of honey, beeswax, and rose and is Kim’s sixth entry into the fragrance market.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker: The top notes of this perfume are rose and nectarine, followed by white daffodil and apple. All of these lend themselves to a woodsy, citrusy fragrance.

For these and other celebrities, fragrance creation has become more than simply a way to extend their brand. Sure, some of these fragrances go on to make these stars millions apart from their professional careers, but many create unique fragrances as an expression of their own taste.

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