Your Unique Signature Perfume: How to Blend Your Favorite Scents

If you are sick of smelling the same fragrance on other ladies, it is probably time to start thinking of blending your quality perfumes of choice together. A unique scent can be blended from several other perfumes, putting together a hybrid, a unique creation that is only yours and will constitute an ideal signature perfume. But how do you go about it? It wouldn’t be as easy as just spraying perfumes randomly on your skin? Certainly not, you have to possess the right knowledge about scent notes and the blending and layering arts. Here are a few tips:

1. Understand how notes go together

An important thing to keep in mind is that whereas some notes work in harmony, others can clash and cause an undesirable scent, so you need to know what works with what. There are two ways to combine scents: you can blend similar notes together or you can blend contrasting ones. A successful perfume blend means knowing what makes some notes unique. Take for instance the four most universal single note scents – vanilla, white floral, musk and marine. These are the basis of most fragrances and, knowing how they combine, will help you avoid many bad fragrance combinations.

2. Blend unique notes together

For instance, a successful combination will be mixing up florals with vanilla. The result will be fresh and unique. While looking for a more exotic mixture, try vanilla with wood notes.

Combining white florals like jasmine and gardenia with spicey notes will bring together a smooth and rather erotic smell.

Don’t combine musk with florals, go for citrus- a combination like this will give a lighter mix, and will help you not smell like orange juice all through the day.

Floral and marine work well together, but make sure the floral scent is softer.

If you are going to try contrasting notes together, know that vanilla, coconut or chocolate scents will go well with wood notes, like cedar and sandalwood.

Herbal scents such as mint and basil also work well layered over fruity scents such as berry-based fragrances.

3. Learn the secret of layering
Every perfume expert will tell you that, when blending perfume scents, it is ideal to stick to two perfumes. Combining more than two perfumes can lead to an overpowering scent. To layer your scents, hold one bottle in each hand and spray a single pump of each perfume into the air at the same time. Immediately walk through the mist. The airborne perfume particles will be attracted to one another and fuse together to create a unique hybrid scent.

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